• The Walk-In Closet Trap

    This picture is a trap, ladies!  We do not need this much clothing or a closet the size of a living room. A simple truth, the smaller the closest, the better dressed you will be. Remember the morning you asked your child what they wanted to wear and opened the closet?  You only did it once, didn’t you?  Too many choices clutter the mind, clutters the closet and really dents the purse. Picture a high-end clothing store compared to Walmart. 
  • The Pills!

        Yes, we all know about pills, especially us OCD people. I cannot think of an acronym that would symbolize the look on our faces when we first n...
  • What is "tailoring"

    Tailoring, a commonly miss-used word; "a tailored suit, a tailored fit, a tailored style;" tailoring is not the fit, the cut, or the style; it is the foundation of the garment as a basement is a foundation to a house. Care and thought go into the planning stage of both. A house and garment can stand for a while with a bad foundation; however, they cannot stand alone without one.
  • Happy New Year!

    2020, saying it was a year of upheaval is putting it mildly.  For me, it showed the true colors of the people that I call friends and acquaintances...
  • Christmas Spirit

    It is Christmas time, the time of the year some people look forward to with trepidation, especially this year.  The pressure is on, time for all th...
  • Getting sucked into the vortex of TJMax and others

    I was thinking this morning about spending, my spending. I have spent every cent I have made. My spending habits appear to be child care, home, boo...
  • Why to support your local business, artist, crafter this holiday season.

     Why do we do it?  It is who we are, it is what we love, what  we believe in, and for the most part how most of us are trying to supplement or make our entire income.