Happy New Year!

2020, saying it was a year of upheaval is putting it mildly.  For me, it showed the true colors of the people that I call friends and acquaintances.  A very old, sweet man once said to me, "if you can count on one hand, the people you know who will be there through thick and thin, you are very fortunate."  Think about it, how many of your "friends" would get down in the pile of shit with you and laugh the whole way out? 

I learned a lot about myself and others this year.  What is really important, do you really care about others enough to make a sacrifice, are you a racist in thoughts and actions, where do you draw the line on decency for public leaders, do you really need to eat out and go on vacation to be happy?  Just a few of the questions brought up this year. I, for one, am glad they were brought up.  Sometimes the pot needs stirred.

Disappointed in some and pleasantly surprised by others, I look at myself the most.  What type of person am I?  Who do I want to surround myself with?  Why am I here?

My answer to why am I here has always been to be of service, love and help others with their travels through this dimension.  Christ needed followers and Judas, we need the people who come in and out of our life, for good or for worse.  

2020, I thank you. I came into you with questions, I lost my way many times, I cried more than I have ever cried, was angry and sad and I came out with a renewed faith in God, humanity and appreciation for the gift of life.

Thank you to all who participated in my life this year in any capacity, you are what life is about.  Many blessings to you all!

And yes, I am very fortunate!