The Walk-In Closet Trap

This picture is a trap, ladies!  We do not need this much clothing or a closet the size of a living room. A simple truth, the smaller the closest, the better dressed you will be. Remember the morning you asked your child what they wanted to wear and opened the closet?  You only did it once, didn’t you?  Too many choices clutter the mind. Picture a high-end clothing store compared to Walmart.  Less looks richer.

The truth no one will tell you is that you only need a few critical items of clothing to always look like a million bucks.

            I make kimonos for a reason; a simple kimono can transform anything it is paired with into something spectacular.

What to wear to a wedding?  We all wonder when it is an outside wedding, 100 degrees, and 100% humidity. I paired a sheer kimono with a white tank top, a strapless bra, a pair of very old, thin cotton pants, and sandals.  I was the belle of the ball, which is not a thing to be at a wedding.  I was also the most comfortable person there.  When darkness came and the wind picked up, I covered myself with a simple white light cotton kimono wrap, and I still looked great!

Not in the mood to do Saturday’s errand list, throw on some comfortable cotton, pants, a tank top again and a fancy little cover-up, be it a shirt, a kimono, a sweater, and your mood will change.  I call it the cowboy hat attitude, I am ready!

If you wear one single high-ticket item, something that costs some money due to quality, you can get away with wearing any other piece of old clothing you have and look fantastic. This is called Rule 1.

Rule 2

The best-dressed women around have a very simple wardrobe, none of it is fast fashion; it is all tried and true old-guard stuff that will always be in style. White pants that flow, a simple blouse, navy and white any way you want, a cardigan sweater, a white shirt. The easiest and most efficient way to dress is a uniform like Steve Jobs, jeans, and a black shirt. Easy decisions when shopping and every morning regarding that question we all ask, “what should I wear”, the same thing you did yesterday. My uniform is jeans, a solid tee with a cover, and cotton pants in the summer. Easy peasy. Fancy Christmas dinners, thank you, Sharon Stone, a white shirt and a nice skirt, can't get any easier.

There is a reason closets in old houses are small, a women’s wardrobe was much smaller than it is now.  But somehow, the women always looked and felt well-dressed.  Talk to your mothers and grandmothers. 

And finally, Rule 3, only three pieces of jewelry, including your watch. Anything else looks like you are showing off.

Don't fall for this picture, someone is trying to get you to spend money, not make your life better.