Why to support your local business, artist, crafter this holiday season.

Covid-19 affected artists and crafters in the worst possible way, it shut down the open market and halved its customers for those markets that stayed open.  Most of us rely on public shows throughout the year to market and sell our product.  Shows are hard work and unfortunately, not cheap; however, they are the most fun and valuable part of the process; meeting the customer face to face, watching someone’s eyes light up when they spot something they like, sharing information with other artists. There is no other venue that offers these opportunities.

This year many of us chose not to appear at any markets at all for our safety and the safety of others.  It was a difficult decision to make, sell product or be safe.  Although many of us have web sites and use Facebook and Instagram to market our products, most sales are done at shows.  No shows, no sales.   This creates a dilemma at the end of the year, do I stay or do I go? (That song will now be in your head the rest of the day!)

I and many artists and crafters ask this question at every year end.  Most businesses that start will not make a profit for 3 years.  With artists and crafters this time can be longer.  Why do we do it?  It is who we are, it is what we love, what  we believe in, and for the most part how most of us are trying to supplement or make our entire income.  I, as many, have worked hard and dreamed about this day most of my life; I can do what I love that gives people pleasure and makes income for me to live simply.

If there was ever a time to support and purchase from your local business or artist friend or family member, this is the time to do it.  It will be a gift that not only gives to the recipient but also to the artist, the give of continuance, the gift of support.  And thank you for the many years of support already given, I and others would not be here without that support.