Covid and Clothing Information Links

Below is a list of links concerning Covid-19 and clothing.  I have verified the page owners as reliable and truthful, aka, peer reviewed if I was still in college.  I am not however, stating that I know much more than anyone else about Covid-19 and recommend immediate medical attention by qualified medical personnel if you feel that you might have contacted or come in contact with Covid-19.

Kuntzie's Kimonos has always reintroduced some type of cleaning method for any garment that has not been sold at a show and is in stock.  Before shipping out to a customer or being sold at a show, the garment has been pre-washed and dried with heat.

How Long Does Coronavirus Last On Clothes? - Health Topics - Hackensack Meridian Health

Mythbusters (

Can Clothes and Shoes Track COVID-19 into Your House? What to Know (


See the Mask Making Page for information on creating your own mask.